A company’s first impression is everything.

Whether you are a start-up needing to outfit a new space or are expanding or updating the look of a current space, I help you best communicate your company through interior design, space layout, and workspace usability.

Your space should work for you and not against you.

I focus on your corporate image to make sure that you speak a consistent visual language from your business card through to your finished working space. We discuss your business needs and I will then build a custom room concept that best suits you’re company and budget.

With my retail space expertise, I assist you in the layout and usability of your work space and purchase everything from wall colour to desks to sofas. I research and locate the best stores and showrooms in Switzerland. I then shop for the necessary furnishings and special statement pieces at the best furnishing stores and exclusive showrooms.

Throughout this entire process, I present you all the various solutions so you stay confident that you are receiving the most from your company’s time and budget.

Do you already have a space that works for you but are having a hard time getting potential customers in the door? I can also assist your with any or all of your company’s visual merchandising needs.

What is Visual merchandising?

Visual merchandising is a marketing tool that presents products or services in an engaging way to potential customers. The goal of visual merchandising is to increase sales. This is done by getting potential customers off the sidewalks and into your store through the use of a captivating window displays. Once inside, the layout, presentation, and design of the space should lead them around the store resulting in a purchase. Even if the customer does not purchasing something on the first visit, your space should leave them with a good impression so they wish to visit again.

I build custom visual merchandising plans based off your company’s brand, values, goals, look, and feel. Don’t have a brand? No worries. I will gladly assist you in the development of your brand. This can include anything from logo to business cards, to packaging or brochure design, and, of course, interior design and space layout.


Please contact me to receive a customized quote for your needs.