I make concepts for any budget.

This service is to personally assist you with the spacial layout of your room(s), both private and retail.

Saving you money is my biggest goal.

I visit you for a consultation at the space you need help furnishing . During this time I examen and measure your space as well as learn your needs and wishes. I take into consideration your personal style for private interiors or the corporate image when supporting you with a retail or public space.

I look through all your current furnishings and decorations to see what we can reuse or repurpose for little money. We talk color, light, and decoration. I reflect on your ideas and suggest new ones. All this resulting in an exceptional room concept!

Are you a do-it-youselfer? Feel free to take your custom room concept and implement it yourslef. No hard feelings. Promise!

If not, we talk budget and move onto step two. Learn more here if you need a private interior makeover, or here if you need help with a retail space.


300 CHF