Your style is my starting point.

Room Concept Consultation

Furnishing a house or room can be overwhelming. “Will this sofa fit?” “Does it match my other furnishings?” “What color palette should I use?” are just a few questions you may ask yourself. Keeping your personal style and current home furnishings in mind, I help you make the best decisions for your space for the best price.

Home Interiors

Whether you need a complete home makeover, help renovating a single room, or you simply need advice on how to best arrange your current furniture and decoration, I can support you in achieving the best solution for you and your home.


Relocating can be a big stress, especially when moving to a new country. As an ex-pat myself, I understand the excitement and fears of moving home. I help you minimize stress by offering a world-wide relocation service to Switzerland, allowing you to feel at home sooner than you thought possible.

Work Spaces

First impressions are extremely important. From the business card to a physical space, a company’s visual communication must be consistent. Keeping this in mind, I help you provide a better customer experience through small room updates, complete renovations or visual merchandizing.