New home away from home

Project Type

Home Interior & Relocation


The goal for this project was to create a fantastic new home for an Argentinean family who was starting their new life in Switzerland.

I kicked this project off by visiting the family on location at their home in Argentina. This allowed for me to learn their way of life, needs, style, and wishes. After discussing their budget, I created a custom design concept which merged their Argentinean life with their soon-to-be Swiss life.

I created custom furniture for the living and dining rooms, as well as the terrace in corporation with interior designer Lourdes Kleiber in Buenos Aires.

I then turned my attention and budget to start the house remodel in Huenenberg, Switzerland. I created a 3D model of their house and re-worked the kitchen to become the main social area of the house. I did this by opening the bar to the living room and using wood for the bar top and cabinets to add warmth. I then added indirect lighting and lamps in the kitchen and used wood creating consistency between the living room and dining room. I also completely refinished the fireplace and modernized the library with color, spot lights and texture.

I then received the shipping container from Argentina including both the custom furniture I designed and the family’s belongings; which I unpacked, organized, and brought into the house.

Finally, I decorated their house with a mixture of new decor and their familiar decor, stocked the fridge, prepared the bathroom, made the beds, etc. — all to give them a warm welcome to their new home.

It is also import to note, that I worked with each member of the family  to create their own special space in the house; for example, the beautiful workspace, “Atelier of Bijouterie,” for Lorena.

Special features:

  • Custom furniture design
  • Wood accents throughout
  • Remodeled kitchen and living room
  • Remodeled Fireplace
  • Complete home staging and design
  • Move in ready from design to food to toiletries

Scope of services:

  • 3D Modeling
  • Design & execution
  • Relocation services
  • Colour & material planning
  • Lighting design
  • Construction (demolition & remodeling)
  • Furnishing

Overall size: 400 m²
Planning and construction period: 6 months