I am Beatriz Cortés, and I am Diva Deco .

Your happiness is my main concern.

I work to understand your needs and expectations of any room and I stay by your side through all the important decisions. My desire is to help best showcase your personal style.

And great style does not equal high prices. I work with the very best suppliers and professionals which can tackle any area of your house, for the best prices. My eye for details and ability to find and strike a deal helps make your space not only look better than you could have imagined, but also achievable for any budget.

I help you find fantastic objects.

Here is what some of my clients say

Working with the Diva Deco was easy. She far exceeded all my expectations. The first moment I walked into my new home I was in awe. It is beautiful!

Lorena, Hünenberg

Beatriz created a wonderful workspace for me that is not only practical but harmonious. I love that she was able to create a lounge area in my office without overcrowding it. Great work!

Hans-Peter, Zürich

My tool belt — Visual harmony

Every trade has their tools, and these are my three go-to tools that I use as the foundation for every project. Once this foundation is established, the details are added, the personal touches are applied, and true harmony is created.


Color is powerful and is essential in creating a beautiful space.


Light supports color. Without it, it’s nothing.


Materials are the instrument to create harmony in a space.